FYJC 11th Admission in Mumbai 2017

FYJC 11th Admission in Mumbai 2017

Monday, May 29: Information booklets for online admissions distributed

Wednesday, June 2: 11th admission 2017 in Maharashtra Start on web portal http://mumbai.11thadmission.net/

After announcement of SSC Result 2017 Maharashtra, four rounds of 11th online admission Mumbai will be held once every week between June 15 and July 15

July 16: FYJC Junior Colleges Start Classes

September 1: Three additional rounds of 11th admission will be conducted once every two weeks, up to September 1, if upon vacant seats

Student need to follow these steps for Mumbai 11th Admission 2017:

Collect information booklet from your school priced at Rs150
Log on to the 11th admissions portal: http://mumbai.11thadmission.net with the login ID and password you have got in the booklet


Every student must fill Part 1 and Part 2 of the 11th admission form and Click on Submit

Part 1 is your 11th admission registration form requiring personal details, like home address, contact number, school, name of the school board and details if student is applying for reserved category or in the open category.

Part 2 is the option form for Mumbai 11th Admission 2017, where you list college preferences. Must be filled in after the declaration of Maharashtra SSC Result 2017

11th Admission in Mumbai 2017: New Rules

  • Mention clearly whether you are applying in the general or the reserved category
  • A student can apply only to one stream
  • You can list a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 college preferences. The order of preferences or the stream can be changed as per the availability of seats in the allotted time for each round
  • If you have been allotted your first preference of college. You must confirm 11th admission in the allotted junior college and pay the full fees within the stipulated time limit. Mumbai 11th Admission net system will block names of those students who have got their first preference to make sure they can’t access the rest of the fyjc rounds of admissions
  • If a student has got a seat that was not listed as your first preference, but you seems to be interested in 11th admission to that junior college, you can pay the full fees and confirm your seat
  • If you have not been allotted your preferred college, you can participate in the subsequent rounds of fyjc admission 2017. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee this year that you will get a better seat than the one first allotted to you
  • If a student confirms admission under a quota and pay the full admission fee, your name will be blocked so that you could not apply in the general category seats.
  • A student who is applying for 11th online Mumbai admission 2017 under religious or linguistic minorities, in-house and management quotas, you need to fill the online applications, both part 1 and 2. Choose admission type as quota and select your eligible reservation.


You need to select colleges carefully and list them in the order of preference

If you don’t list your junior colleges in the order of preference, it will become mandatory for you to take 11th online admission 2017 in Mumbai college allotted by the computerized system as per merit.

You need to fill the fyjc application form/11th online admission form via your schools, and not from any private class or cyber cafes as the fyjc application form will be submitted through school heads.