FYJC Admission 2018 Mumbai

FYJC Admission 2018 Mumbai

MUMBAI: First Year Junior College (FYJC) admissions have started, the state education department has declared 1,538 colleges for Arts, Science, Commerce and Higher Secondary Vocation Course (HSVC) in Mumbai and Thane, with the available seats for the centralised admission process being 70,192.

These colleges include those with Hindi, Marathi, English and Urdu mediums. The FYJC online admissions start as the Maharashtra SSC Results 2018 are announced.

The total number of colleges is 800, however, if the colleges are divided as per the streams and courses the number goes up 1,538.

Out of this, 266 colleges are for the Arts stream, while 709 for Commerce, 500 for Science, 63 for HSVC.

The intake capacity in these colleges, is around 2,98,405 which is expected to increase as the registration by the colleges to the state education department will continue for a some more days.

Out of the 70,192 seats, 8,306 are for Arts, 41,338 are for Commerce, and 19,909 are for Science and 639 for HSVC (MCVC).

From this year, HSVC (Minimum Competency Vocational Courses) are included in the FYJC online admission unlike last year.

Students had to take offline admissions for these courses last year, which become problematic for both the students and colleges. Thus a decision was taken for all the bifocal courses of the FYJC admission 2018 Mumbai.